Some comments from parents about Little Golfers

"My son looks forward to every Monday as its golf club. He comes home telling me who did the best shot and especially proud when he was golfer of the week!" - Parent from Sandringham Infant School

"Emily is loving golf! My daughter asked to start golf, quite unexpectedly as she's not very sporty, and since signing her up with Little Golfers, she's loved every session.  She was distraught to miss one when a school trip was planned which goes to show how highly she rates it! Sharing golf stories and discussing her golf progress booklet with Daddy has also been a highlight for her!" - Parent from Royal Kent Primary School

"Finlay has thoroughly enjoyed his lessons and is keen to get on a proper 9 hole course" - Parent from Royal Kent Primary School

"My boys are both doing golf after school with Little Golfers and thoroughly enjoy it.  They beam when I pick them up and the proud smile on my 5 year olds face after winning Golfer of the Week was priceless!  We will definitely be signing up again" - Parent from West Bylfeet Infant School

"William has thoroughly enjoyed learning golf with you, thank you!" - Parent from Manor Junior School

"My son came for a party once and said he remembers it being cool as he could hit the balls really far" - Parent from a birthday party

"My son had such a fun time at Little Golfers he learnt lots of things as well as just golf skills such as to wait to take turns, working within a team and he looked forward to his class every week.  He also went to a Little Golfers party which was brilliant" - Parent from Buckland Primary School

"My eldest child has been going to golf at his primary school since the sessions began and loves his lesson.  I was worried his little brother would be too young and less focused but he has thoroughly enjoyed it as well.  The teacher is friendly and helpful and I would recommend the classes as a fun, friendly introduction to the skills and etiquette of golf" - Parent from St Cuthberts Junior School

"Jack loves coming to this lesson and learning golf.  He always tells me what he's done each time.  He knows a lot more than me!!! He loves his teacher Leon.  So Glad I got Jack in for this lesson. - Parent from Hatfield Primary

"Both of my children really enjoyed the lessons and Harry went for almost a year and learned a lot about golf.  He loved his book where he could record his progress and show us what he had learned. - Parent from OLOR Primary School

"I would like to say that Samuel really enjoys his golf lesson.  He doesn't like getting up early but on Tuesday he's the first one out of bed?  When he comes home he tells me all about the things he has learnt and cant wait till next week" - Parent from Auriol Junior School

"Leo enjoys golf, more so when he can get out onto the field.  Leo says that Andy explains things well and is friendly" - Parent from Brookwood Primary School

"I think Matthew is enjoying it.  He loves sport and golf is something that he really wanted to try.  The fact that he happily comes along every term probably sums it up.  If Matthew doesn't like something, he won't go. - parent from St Bedes Junior School

"My daughter, aged 6, has been with Little Golfers since reception class and has thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She looks forward to playing golf during her Tuesday lunch breaks and has developed a nice little swing.  If only I could do likewise!" - Parent from OLOR Primary School

"Rhys has loved his mini golf experience and wanted to carry on with the lessons.  He always tells me about what he has learnt and shows me his book with all his ticks in every week! It's fun and he gets to socialise with his school buddies at the same time, perfect! Thank you very much and its well worth the money!" - Parent from Buckland Primary School

"Zach absolutely loves his golf class, in fact its the only morning he gets out of bed with out a fuss!  Not only has he a genuine interest in learning to play golf, its also 45 mins to learn sport skills and how to interact with other children in different age groups.  Many thanks to you!" - Parent from Lakeside Primary School

"My son loves Little Golfers.  Aside from teaching him the game, it has also taught him to be patient and improved his confidence" - Parent from Royal Kent Primary School