School Golf Competition

Children involved in our Little Golfers school clubs have the opportunity to put all their skills to the test and play on a real golf course in a competition against the other schools, and its FREE to enter.  Letters go out near the end of term inviting every child down to play at Sandown Park.  This is limited to 40 children and the last 2 events were fully booked so its important to book a place early.

The competition will take place on the short course and will be a flag competition, which in a simple term is trying to get round the course as far as possible in 50 shots.  The equipment will still be the FUN, safe Tri-Golf clubs that they use in their schools.

The Spring Term Competition date is Wednesday 29th March @ 5pm.  Information and booking details will be sent to the school children in due course.

Summer Term School Competition

Tuesday 5th July saw the second ever school golf competition at Sandown Park.  The sun was shining (for once) and 40 children from 6 different schools that we ran school clubs with, came down for this FUN competition.  The same format as last time as they had 50 shots to get as far round the golf course as possible.  The golf course was in amazing condition thank you Shelly and her green staff and I ant thank them enough.  Banstead Infant school were the defending champions and had a good chance with 21 of their golf group playing.  I am so pleased with the improvement of every child who played as 13 of them completed the whole course in less than 50 shots, 7 of which were from Banstead.  The results were..........

1st Banstead Infant 36 shots

2nd St Anns Heath 43 shots

3rd Manor Junior 44 shots

4th Buckland Primary 47 shots

5th Kew College 49 shots

6th Our Lady of the Rosary 9th hole

Well done Luke Jones who shot the 36 round the pitch and putt course but massive well done to Samuel Jones (not related) who at 4 years old finished the course in 40 shots!!!!  The parents following this group were very impressive. 

Well done to everyone who played and looking forward to getting more improvements done in September.

Spring Term School Competition

Wednesday 23rd March saw the first Little Golfers school competition to take place at Sandown Park Golf Centre, 36 children from 8 schools took part.  Children from Kew College, Banstead Infant School, St Ann's Heath, Our Lady of the Rosary, Buckland, South Farnham and Manor Junior put the skills their learnt at their school clubs into practice around the pitch and putt course.  With 50 shots to get as far round the golf course as possible, an impressive Jack from Banstead Infant school, finished the whole course in 44 shots to take the trophies back to his school.  It was a great event and another one will take place during the summer term.  Thanks to all the children who took part and their parents for supporting and helping.

 School Golf Competition

Starting in the Summer term 2014, each school within the Little Golfers programme will take part in a 3-hole challenge.  Playing the same 3 holes on their school field and trying to achieve the best score.  From each school we will take the 4 best scores and form a leader board of all our schools.  This will really help them compete at a FUN level and put the skills they have learnt into practice.  This will happen each term, will your child's school win this term?

 Summer Term Golf Competition

For this term children will play 3 holes from where The Open is being played this year, St Andrews, the home of golf.  Each school will try their best on the 3 tough holes of St Andrews and hopefully this experience will give them the encouragement to watch The Open and think 'hey I've played that course'.

Good luck to all and keep an eye out on the leader board, will Manor Junior retain the title or will a new school take the shield this term?

Summer Term Leader Board

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary - 31 shots

South Farnham Junior (Thurs) - 32 shots

St Bedes Junior - 32 shots

Manor Junior - 38 shots

St Lawrence Primary - 40 shots

South Farnham Junior (Tues) - 51 shots

Congratulations to Our Lady of the Rosary for winning the summer term golf competition.  The 3 St Andrews holes, proved difficult but everyone tried their best and had fun.  Nice to see our 4 different winner in 4 terms.

 Spring Term Golf Competition

As the weather is still up in the air some of the schools will play the holes outside and some indoors.  The golf course will be the same length and the bunkers placed in the same position.  Bunkers is the main focus this term, helping the children understand that bunkers are all over a golf course but you can play out of them, its just a little tricky.  To give them this feeling if a ball finishes in a bunker they have to play their next shot with the ball inside an upside down cone.  The children enjoy that...... maybe a little too much and keep aiming for them ;-).

Leader Board - Spring Term 2015

Manor Junior - 18 Shots WINNERS

South Farnham Junior (Thursday) - 22 Shots

South Farnham Junior (Tuesday) - 25 Shots

St Bedes Junior - 26 Shots

Kew College - 32 Shots

St Lawrence Primary - 38 Shots

Sandringham Infant - 47 Shots

Banstead Infant - 48 Shots


As the weather isn't great for the last part of the Autumn term the 3 holes are inside this term.  Shorter holes but the main focus is water hazards and it explains to the children what happens if you go into a water hazard on a golf course.

Autumn Term 2014 Leaderboard

South Farnham Junior (Thursday group) - 18 (18 under)

Winners on countback

Manor Junior - 18

St Lawrence Primary - 21

St Bedes Junior - 23

Lakeside Primary - 23

South Farnham Junior (Tuesday group) - 24

For the Summer term the 3 hole have been taken from Royal Liverpool Golf Club the location of The Open Championship this year.

Summer Term 2014 Leaderboard

St Bedes Junior - 38 (10 under par)

Winners on countback

South Farnham Junior (Thursday group) - 38 (10 under par)

Manor Junior - 41

St James Primary - 45

South Farnham Junior (Tuesday group) - 51

Lakeside Primary - 52

Meadowcroft Infant - 53

Royal Kent Primary - 55

Sandringham Infant - 59

The Marist Primary- 62

St Cuthberts Primary- 65

Auriol Junior - 65

Our Lady of the Rosary Primary - 66