Little Golfers Junior Competitions 2017

Competitions with Little Golfers are only open to members of Little Golfers (children who have joined Little Golfers and have had some coaching).  These competitions use all 3 golf courses at Sandown so your child is on the right sized golf course to get the most enjoyment and practice out of the round.

Under 7s play on the pitch and putt course and over 7s play on the par 3, with the full size hole 9 course being added for 2017 which will see the best Little Golfers playing their competitions on there.

Little Golfers are given handicaps depending on their ability and scores, so everyone has an equal chance of winning.  There are trophies and prizes to be won and everyone who plays get a 'funky' golf ball for their efforts.  Parents are encouraged to walk round and support and they also help with scoring and safety. 

Last year we had 27 competitions, 18 different winners and 51 different players.  Competitions start again in April and you sign up your child direct with Andy on 07736300817 or Charlie Morgan and Joshua Hall are currently the captains for the over and under 7s.

2017 Fixture List

Saturday 22nd July @ 3pm - 9 hole Stableford

Saturday 16th September @ 3pm - 9 hole Medal

Saturday 30th September @ 3pm - 9 hole Stableford

Saturday 14th October @ 3pm - 9 hole Medal

Saturday 14th October @ 6:45pm - NIGHT GOLF

Saturday 28th October @ 3pm - 9 hole Stableford

Parents if your able to help and take a group round with you to help their safety and take down their scores, please let Andy know and we would be very grateful, thanks.