Golf Shark

Our Golf Shark is the first and currently only one in the UK.  This inflatable target is a perfect add on to increase the excitement during our junior lessons, birthday parties, or school club and fetes.  Can you stop the shark attack and hit balls into its mouth?

Junior Lessons
The Shark is based at Sandown Park Golf Centre and will make a appearance a few times each term depending on the weather.  Kids go crazy at the idea of hitting the shark and its a great way to work on their pitching whilst having loads of fun.

Birthday Parties
Whether the party is at Sandown Park or other location the Shark will come out to end the party.  Can the group avoid the Shark attack and defeat the Shark with some shots into his mouth.

You can hire the Shark for your own event and it can be fully staffed or just the Shark, equipment and golf balls left for your own use.  It would look great for any open golf day, charity event of function.

Day Rate without staff – £100
Day Rate with staff (max 6 hours) – £150

Fetes and Events
The Shark can make an appearance at your fete or event and really add a visual enhancement to your event as well as a great activity for children to try.  Charging a very small fee per shot/attack at the Shark, it can really add something unique to your event.


Phone: 0773 630 0817



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